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The Mayor and Mayoress Cllr Bill Hancox and Mrs Sheila Hancox give an insight into why they chose the Lymphoedema Clinic at the Mary Ann Evans Hospice as their charity for their Mayoral year.

Cllr Hancox said:”It is a great honour to be Mayor of the Borough of Nuneaton and Bedworth and I am thoroughly looking forward to representing the Borough over the next 12 months. The Charity I have chosen is something close to my heart as my wife of 40 years Mayoress Sheila was herself diagnosed with the life changing condition that has no cure. We are hoping to raise enough money during our year to buy essential equipment for the clinic, as it receives no NHS funding.

My Journey with Lymphoedema

Mayoress Sheila Hancox

In 2015 I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, following surgery and radiotherapy treatment I thought all was going well until 3 months later I discovered 2 further lumps and thought my cancer had returned. On examination my consultant informed me that I had developed Lymphoedema in the breast. ( until then I was only aware of breast cancer patients who had developed Lymphoedema in their arms).

I was referred to the Lymphoedema Clinic, and it was there that it was explained to me that this was a life changing condition that had no cure. It is true to say that my condition was severe and the pain was unbearable!

After my initial assessment it was decided that I would attend the clinic for weekly treatment (MLD) and that Kinesio tape would also be used to encourage the flow of lymphatic fluid away from my breast. My condition did not respond to the treatment as expected and my appointments were increased to 3 times per week. I was heavily reliant on Kinesio tape along with MLD treatment which sometimes made me resemble an Egyptian mummy.

I am extremely grateful for all that the Lymphoedema team have done to help me manage this condition and for giving me the privilege of trialling the laser machine. I am delighted that following donations the clinic now has their very own machine. I hope many patients will benefit as I have done.

I for one know how fortunate we are to have this service at the hospice, as these clinics are few and far between. The number of patient referrals continue to grow so it is vital that we support this service and help invest in new technology and equipment to aid the treatment of as many patients as possible.

After week one there was a slight improvement. Two weeks later there was definitely a reduction in fluid retention and further softening of tissue. After 3 weeks my condition continued to improve, the pain had reduced and I was no longer reliant on Kinesio tape. The team and I were thrilled with the results, my quality of life had begun to improve.

This is not the end of my journey but my visits to the clinic have reduced significantly freeing up time for more patients to be treated.

After 6 months and only a small improvement I was asked if I would be willing to be treated with truncal compression bandages in order to try and help with my symptoms. This was an interesting experience and not for the faint hearted as my whole trunk was encased in a very tight compression bandage for a three day period. Although there was an improvement it proved to be short lived.

Following on from the bandage trial I was informed that the clinic had the opportunity to trial a laser machine that had been successful in easing symptoms of patients with Lymphoedema. I was asked if I would be willing to undergo daily treatment using the Laser, in conjunction with MLD for a trial period of 4 weeks as it was thought I might benefit from this treatment. Of course I agreed as I was prepared to do anything to alleviate my condition.

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